ENBDC's Vision & Mission

The ENBDC started in 2006 as a means of bringing together worlwide laboratories working on breast development and cancer. The idea was to raise awareness of each other’s research in order to foster contact, encourage technical exchange and collaboration, especially across disciplines, as well as to offer intellectual and information resources to the breast cancer research community as a whole. Eleven Annual Methods Workshops (2009-2019), which were kindly supported by various sponsors have been held in Weggis, Switzerland. The meetings are a resounding success, promoting discussion and interaction as well as inter-laboratory visits by researchers keen to see the specifics of individual methods at first hand. Reports of these meetings were published in Breast Cancer Research.


ENBDC Zoom Seminar - December 6th 2022, 1.00 PM - 2.00 PM (Zurich time)
- Benjamin Davies / University of Cambridge / Exploring TDLU development using non-traditional models.
- Hazel Quinn / ISREC, EPFL, Lausanne / Characterisation of disseminated cancer cells in ER+ breast cancer

EMBO Course - Techniques for mammary gland research, 5-10 of March 2023 - Link

ENBDC Workshop 2023
April 26th-noon / Students-only day
April 27-29th / Main Workshop
Details and registration coming soon

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