Maarten van Lohuizen

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van Lohuizen
The Netherlands Cancer Institute
We study epigenetic gene regulation and transcriptional repression by Polycomb-group (Pc-G) protein complexes, and the effects of deregulation of Pc-G genes on development, Cell cycle control, cancer formation and stem cell maintenance. In addition, we are performing large-scale genetic screens in primary cells and in cancer-predisposed mice to identify cancer-relevant combinations of collaborating oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes.
mouse and human ES cell technologies, fat pad transplantation, 2D MEC culture, protein biochemistry, high content screening, lentiviral or retroviral transduction, stem cell FACS sorting, DAMid chromatin profiling, High throughput in vivo retroviral insertional mutagenesis screens
Diverse animal models: Bmi1 KO and conditional KO mice; EZH2 conditional KO mice, RNF2 conditional KO mice;Tissue-specific inducible Bmi1 transgenic mice;MMTV-Wnt1; MMTV-NEU; MMTV-Myc;