Martin Jechlinger

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+49 6221387 8401
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Mechanisms of Oncogene Dependence in Breast Cancer. We are employing genomic methods, a range of molecular biology techniques, histopathological analysis as well as live cell imaging to investigate our organotypic 3D cell culture systems and the corresponding mouse models. The main aims include: 1) Determine at which point during tumourigenesis cells acquire the ability to escape targeted therapy. 2) Identify the molecular properties that distinguish surviving-residual cells, from naive cells. 3) Interfere with the mechanisms important for survival of residual ‘dormant’ cells.
Minimal Residual Disease, Dormancy, Tumour Relapse
3D organoid culture, light sheet microscopy, multiomic analysis
Tractable mouse models of breast cancer, human cell lines, patient derived tissue