The ENBDC workshop takes place every year in Weggis, Switzerland with the aim to gather researchers from all over the world to discuss normal mammary gland biology and breast cancer.

The 2-day workshop consist of talks from experts in various domains and techniques pertaining to breast biology. Short talks from selected abstracts and poster sessions allow for convivial exchanges.

In parallel to the workshop a Ski Day is organized on April 27th. Please see details on this document and contact Robert Clarke if you wish to participate.

April 28-30, 2022 - Weggis, Switzerland

Organising Committee and Scientific Progam:
  • ENBDC Chair: Beatrice Howard, The Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK

  • Co-Chair: Jos Jonkers, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Postdoc Chairs:
    Jakub Sumbal (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic and Institut Curie, Paris, France)
    Alecia-Jane Twigger (Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK)

Location: Seminar Hotel Rigi am See
  • Address: Seestrasse 53/55 - CH-6353 Weggis
  • Website:
  • Phone: +41 (0)41 392 0 392
  • Single Room: 600 chf
  • Double Room: 550 chf

The DeOme Award:

The ENBDC DeOme prize is awarded yearly to the best abstract and short talk of the ENBDC meeting.

"Kenneth DeOme was a pioneer and giant in the area of mammary gland biology, especially premalignant disease. As a scientist, he was innovative and persevering. He created important methodology that is still used today for studying mammary gland development and premalignant progression. As a mentor, he was always available to his students and encouraged the pursuit of new ideas and approaches. As an international leader he led the US efforts to repair the European mammary research infrastructure following the war. This effort ultimately led to formation of the International Association for Breast Cancer Research. He was a man of integrity and compassion. We, his students, stand on his shoulders in advancing the science and lessons he taught us."

Dan Medina and Robert Cardiff



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